Zoning Commission Public Hearing of December 20, 2010
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of December 20, 2010
Introduction and Preliminary Matters for the ZC Public Hearing of December 20, 2010.
Time: 00:00:26 - 00:04:55
Z.C. Case No. 08-06 - Office of Planning - ZRR: Ch. B-13 (Green Area Ratio)
(Text Amendment) This Notice of Public Hearing announces one of several proposed draft zoning text chapters the Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia (the "Commission") will consider under this docket. All chapters presented here reflect previous recommendations to the Commission from the Office of Planning that were the subject of public hearings. This hearing will consider proposed text for a new chapter in the Zoning Regulations regulating green site design. The proposed Green Area Ratio ("GAR") chapter provides general rules for a city-wide requirement for green site design that will vary by zone. This chapter includes explanation of the system, methods of calculation, terms of measurement, and requirements for review. The new chapters are based upon a codification of the portion of Title 11 containing the Zoning Regulations and associated administrative rules into 10 subtitles. A description of this codification can be found at www.dczoningupdate.org/publicnotices.asp. The public should assume that the text advertised in this notice will only apply to buildings constructed pursuant to building permits issued after the effective date of the revised Title 11 or to significant additions to existing buildings if the additions are constructed pursuant to such permits.
Time: 00:05:00 - 01:41:09