Zoning Commission Public Hearing of November 2, 2009
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of November 2, 2009
Introduction and Preliminary matters for the ZC Public Hearing of November 2, 2009.
Time: 00:03:10 - 00:17:47
Case #08-06-10 - Office of Planning -- ZRR: Downtown
(Text Amendment) This hearing will consider general recommendations for conceptual changes to the zoning regulations to update downtown zoning. The recommendations seek to address the complexity of the DD overlay and other issues with zoning in Central Washington (the study area". The overall goal of the Zoning Review process is to improve the relevance, clarity and ease of use of the zoning code. The recommendations focus on simplifying existing regulations that promote housing, arts, and retail in the Downtown Development District (DD); and expanding the lessons learned to a broader area of Central Washington designated in the Comprehensive Plan as High Density Commercial and Mixed Use. Specific recommendations include simplified zone districts and replacing the current mechanisms for incentivizing housing (combined lot developments and transferable development right) within a single system of "Housing Credits" that would be generated by certain residential developments and then transferred to other lots in the same zone for commercial development in excess of matter of right limits.
Time: 00:17:50 - 02:29:30