Zoning Commission Public Hearing of October 25, 2010
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of October 25, 2010
Introduction and Preliminary matters for the ZC Pulic Hearing of October 25, 2010.
Time: 00:00:54 - 00:03:35
Case #08-06-13 - Comprehensive Zoning Regulation Review: Mixed Use Zones; Sebacks
(Text Amendment) This Notice of Public Hearing announces the thirteenth of several proposed subject areas the Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia (the "Commission") will consider under this docket. All recommendations offered by the Office of Planning ("OP") under this docket have been reviewed by a working group and a subject matter task force as part of a process designed to ensure full public participation. Nevertheless, this process cannot replace or limit the public hearing process required in the Zoning Act or the Commission's responsibility to consider the merits of each proposal submitted. This hearing will consider general recommendations for conceptual changes to the zoning regulations regarding mixed use zones. The first seven recommendations for this topic include definitional changes for lot lines and setbacks that would apply generally across the ordinance. Recommendations eight through fifteen deal specifically with mixed use zones. The recommendations propose changes to the regulation of side yards, rear yards, courts, FAR, lot occupancy, zone transitions, plaza requirements, and use concentration in mixed use zones.
Time: 00:03:43 - 02:29:30