Zoning Commission Public Hearing of October 4, 2010
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of October 4, 2010
Introduction and Preliminary Matters for the Zoning Commission Public hearing of October 4, 2010.
Time: 00:00:58 - 00:03:47
Case:No. 08-06-12 - Comprehensive Zoning Regulations Review: Planned Unit Development
(Text Amendment) This Notice of Public Hearing announces the twelfth of several proposed subject areas the Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia (the "Commission") will consider under this docket. All recommendations offered by the Office of Planning ("OP") under this docket have been reviewed by a working group and a subject matter task force as part of a process designed to ensure full public participation. Nevertheless, this process cannot replace or limit the public hearing process required in the Zoning Act or the Commission's responsibility to consider the merits of each proposal submitted. This hearing will consider general recommendations for conceptual changes to the zoning regulations regarding planned unit development ("PUD"). The recommendations propose dividing the existing PUD process into three separate processes. The recommendations focus on clarifying regulations for bonus density, public benefits, community involvement, review process, and enforcement for all types of posed processes, a point system for acceptance of public benefits, guidelines for community input, and various pre- and post-application requirements. This hearing, like all others under this case number, is being scheduled without adherence to the set-down requirements stated at 11 DCMR § 3011 because the Commission waived the requirement at its public meeting held April 14, 2008. The Commission also waived the requirement that a pre-hearing statement be submitted before hearing notices can be published. It is not expected that the Commission will take proposed action with respect to these recommendations, but that it will make determinations at a public meeting that will serve as guidance for drafting revisions to the zoning regulations pertaining to downtown zoning and other relevant subject matters. More detailed information on the recommendations can also be found in the OP report document at http://www.dczoningupdate.org/pud.asp.
Time: 00:04:00 - 03:17:48