Zoning Commission Public Hearing of September 20, 2010
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of September 20, 2010
Introduction and Preliminary Matters for the ZC public Hearing of September 20, 2010.
Time: 00:00:01 - 00:01:46
Case # 08-06 - Comprehensive Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR): Chapters B2 (Uses) & B4 (Height)
(Text Amendment) This hearing will consider proposed text for changes to the Zoning Regulations in relation to the control of uses and the regulation of height. The proposed uses chapter reflects a new use category system of classification that the Office of Planning has recommended be used to control uses in individual zones. Under the proposal, uses would be divided into 29 categories that will each be separately regulated in each zone. In the general chapter, the classification system is described and a detailed definition is provided for each use category. The proposed height chapter reflects the consolidation of height regulations from throughout the code into one general height chapter. The version being proposed creates street-based height limits in zoning that reflect Height Act limitations. Explicit Height Act interpretations approved by DCRA would also be attached to the Zoning Regulations as an appendix. The new chapters are based upon a proposed codification of Title 11 into 10 subtitles. A description of this codification can be found at www.dczoningupdate.org/publicnotices.asp. The Commission has not formally approved this codification system.
Time: 00:01:48 - 02:06:12