Zoning Commission Public Hearing of September 25, 2008
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Zoning Commission Public Hearing of September 25, 2008
Introduction and Preliminary Matters for the ZC Public Hearing of September 25, 2008.
Time: 00:05:00 - 00:07:48
Case 08-06-1 - ZRR: Height
(Text Amendment) This Notice of Public Hearing announces the postponed date for one of several proposed subject areas the Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia (the "Commission") will consider under this docket. All recommendations offered by the Office of Planning ("OP") under this docket have been or will have been reviewed by a working group and a subject matter task force as part of a process designed to augment the public hearing(s) required in the Zoning Act as part of the Commission's responsibility to consider the merits of each proposal submitted to it. This hearing will consider general rules applicable to the measurement of height. The rules also set forth the circumstances under which parapets and roof structures may exceed otherwise applicable zoning height limitations, up to the limit allowed by the Height Act, and also set forth associated setback requirements. In addition, the rules propose definitions for "a building" and an "exterior wall." If adopted, the Commission may later move the definitions to a definition section applicable to the entire title. As to the proposed definition of "exterior wall," this definition is not binding upon the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs with respect to its interpretation of the same term, which appears in the Height Act, unless it adopts a similar provision.
Time: 00:08:00 - 03:47:14