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PB-2009-02-09 Planning Board

Planning Board 2/9/2009
Opening of Meeting
General Business
A. Onset Village 81-P Plan approval
B. Endorsement of Covenant Private Road - Onset Village
Time: 00:02:36 - 00:08:49
More General Business
C: Dean College Plan endorsement
D: Walgreens Site Plan - Final Approval
Time: 00:08:49 - 00:32:59
Public Hearing Franklin Village Shopping Center
Special Permit and Limited Site Plan - New mailing address at 1000 West Central St - Attempting to create 2 lots from the existing shopping center to allow sale of a portion of it - while retaining rights to use the access and common parking
Time: 00:32:59 - 00:56:19
Gen Business
E: Approval of Minutes then adjournment
Time: 00:56:19 - 00:57:24