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FC-2010-02-02 Finance Commiuttee

Franklin Finance Committee 2/2/2010
Begins with meeting already under way - Discussion for potential Capital Items - Tim Raposa Technology Director - Town/School projects (Server replacements - smart boards - wireless - and/or fibre installation)
Time: 00:00:02 - 00:27:36
Facilities Capital items
Mike D'Angelo Facilities Director - Replace 30 or more T1 leased lines with single mode fibre - Other items include carpet replacement at Library - Security video/access system at Keller Sullivan to match exiisting schools - Parmenter parking lot pavementto be done in conjunction with paving on Wachusetts street - Special Ed van replacement
Time: 00:27:36 - 00:45:19
Police Capital Items
Kevin Ryan admin. and Deputy Chief Semergian for Police Dept requests - 5 replacement Crusiers and technology (PC) replacements
Time: 00:45:19 - 00:54:45
Fire Dept Capital Items
Chief McCarraher requesting vehicle and boat replacments
Time: 00:54:45 - 01:13:39
DPW Capital Requests
Nearly $300K for a compressor and road rehab
Time: 01:13:39 - 01:38:41
Old/New Business
Recap of state aid numbers - local receipts - preparation for drafting the Town's Budget
Time: 01:38:41 - 00:00:00