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UnderCover Printer
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Welcome - Here is where you can create your own TinyClip
You can watch the full presentation here. But, if you want to cut out a personal section of the complete program, just follow these steps to do-it-yourself:

STEP 1 - Below the video player, select "Click Here to create a TinyClip!" A new action box will appear to enable the TinyClip activity.

STEP 2 - Within the TinyClip action box, click the Play button to begin playing the performance.

STEP 3 - While the video is playing, click MARK START and MARK END to set the beginning and end of your personal TinyClip. You can also use the slider or key-in the time marks to better fine tune a starting and ending point.

STEP 4 - Choose CREATE LINK to generate both an email link and the embed code.

STEP 5 - Send the link to others or embed the code on your web page.

STEP 6 - SAVE MONEY on Printing, TradeShow Displays, and Promotional Products at

To utilize TinyClip for other video presentations, contact ~ 571-291-4913 Leesburg VA
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