Category: Tax Matters
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10/15/2014 Tax Matters - Mileage Rate Lawsuit, The Implications Of The Judge's Ruling, Credit Card Usage For Motor Vehicles, Due Dates For Taxes, Gladys Bradfield, Senior Administrator: Current Tax Billing, Matthew Buff, Senior Administrator: Accountant For Tax Commissioners Office
7/30/2014 Tax Matters - New Proposed Millage Rate, Gladys Bradfield, Matthew Buff
5/21/2014 Tax Matters - Union City, Mayor Pro Tem Vince R. Williams, Tax Bills, Gladys Bradfield
11/23/2011 Tax Matters - The Rights for Tax Payers, John Sherman
9/28/2011 Tax Matters - Your 2011 Fulton County Tax Bills, Gladys Bradfield
8/10/2011 Tax Matters - Unincorporated District, Commissioner William Bill Edwards
12/3/2010 Tax Matters - Frankly Ferdinand- 2010 Tax Bills
6/30/2010 Tax Matters - Preserve Our Environment One License Plate At A Time
5/26/2010 Tax Matters - Fulton County Taxes 101
3/24/2010 Tax Matters - Matt Buff
1/27/2010 Tax Matters - Rep Roger Bruce: Milton County, Foreclosures, Etc.
5/28/2008 Tax Matters - Your Tax Dollars and Grady Hospital
4/29/2008 Tax Matters - Ask The Tax Man
3/24/2008 Tax Matters - Mortgage Crisis: Taxes and Your Money
1/31/2008 Tax Matters - Brian Jordan: Developer, Le Jardin Atlanta
1/13/2008 Tax Matters